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How we do it

Our goal is to enable leaders to successfully and consistently implement strategic priorities through people, while lifting engagement levels to create a culture of high productivity, innovation and initiative.

When people are in roles that “make their heart sing,” they are more engaged, feel more connected and derive greater fulfilment from their work. Foster that passion and people do the the best work of their lives! The result is great business outcomes and a workplace culture even your competitors will talk about.

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Dawn Russell

Introducing Dawn Russell

Certified Expert Presenter, executive leadership coach, motivational trainer and facilitator, Dawn brings her heart to everything she does. You’ll find her polished, relatable, and equally comfortable challenging CEOs in her high heels as she is talking to tradies in her Steel Blue work boots.

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Where do you start?

For CEOs, MDs and executive leaders

Your focus is on strategy and execution, and to execute effectively, you need the right people in the right roles, performing the right work.

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For HR professionals and psychological safety specialists

Helping leaders and managers in your organisation understand what supports the people in their teams means better retention and less friction.

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For managers and team leaders

We combine the art of leadership with the science of human data analytics to help you inspire your people to do the best work of their lives.

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What is The Predictive Index?

The Predictive Index is a digital talent optimisation platform that de-risks your investment in people. Taking a scientific approach to align people strategy with business strategy, it predicts team dynamics, informs high performance and elevates leadership capabilities to drive engagement.

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Why use The Predictive Index?

We don’t make financial decisions without data, yet we constantly make people decisions without data. How is that fiscally responsible? The Predictive Index provides a predictable, data-driven way to strategically hire and deploy one of the most impactful assets in your business: your people.

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Featured Resources

People account for 64% of overall business expense
Improving business performance

People are a company’s biggest expense

The average company spends 64% of its total expenditure on its employees.

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Square peg in round hole to explain behavioural job fit
Data driven decision making

Behavioural job profiling

Many of us are familiar with the concept of profiling people. You may even use it in your recruitment process. But is it of as much value as you think

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High jump to explain employees not meeting performance expectations
Workforce performance optimisation

The real reason employees don’t live up to expectations

Is it unreasonable to expect people to do a good job? To care about the quality of their work? To treat the place like it was their own? What happened

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Set of scales to describe the imbalance between the due diligence we do on assets compared to employees
Successful recruitment

Due diligence – the great contradiction

Are you doing due diligence on your human assets the same way you would a capital asset? Is it enough, given the investment you’re about to make?

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Man leaving to explain how knowledge and experience walk out the door when there isn't a groomed successor
Succession management

Without a succession plan

Succession planning is not a nice-to-have strategy – it’s a must-have! Every key role in your organisation should have a successor waiting in the wing

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Bird nest describes how we need to nurture employees to retain them
Employee retention

Employee retention is paramount

People only start looking for new opportunities when they feel under-utilised, misunderstood, and unappreciated. Retention has everything to do with l

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